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Wedding Information

Congratulations!!! You are engaged to be married. This is a super exciting time.

Below you will find a Wedding Questionnaire, and can also scroll down further for information to help you think through your wedding day photography vision.

For more information on packages and pricing, kindly fill out my Wedding Questionnaire below or reach out to be at avi@avilorenfox.com | 610.639.7480


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Your Wedding

Every wedding is different. Together, we'll customize your photography package to meet your vision for your wedding photography. To get started, here is some helpful information about different elements of the "big day" so you can decide what works for you.


Getting Ready

The big day is here! Coverage starts with the "Getting Ready."

Getting Ready is a really fun opportunity to create a romantic and nostalgic visual narrative of the bride and groom surrounded by their closest family and friends as they get ready and prepare for the ceremony. 

Getting Ready is also an opportunity to capture all of the beautiful details you've prepared for your wedding day such as your dress, the flowers, and the rings. 


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The "First Look"

The First Look is a modern wedding day tradition. By enabling the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding, it allows us to do all of your bridal party and family portraits before you walk down the aisle so you don't have to miss any time with your guests once they arrive.  

The First Look is an intimate and emotional moment, and I like to capture it at somewhat of a distance so that you are truly in the moment with each other. 

Every First Look is a little different and we'll chat ahead of time to design one that is perfectly you.

The Couple's Session

Sneaking away for a Couple's Session is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day! 

It is not only an opportunity for me to create an epicly beautiful collection of images of the happy couple, but also for the Bride and Groom to take a deep breath and spend some time together in the middle of the wedding day. 

Depending on your schedule, the Couple's Session can take place before or after the ceremony. 



The Portrait Session

With all your closest family and friends in one place, this is a great opportunity to take formal family photographs! These are the images that relatives will frame as a part of the family record for generations to come. 

I encourage you to think through all of the different combinations you want to take ahead of time. This helps with planning so that everything runs smoothly on the wedding day. 



When it's time to say I do, we'll place ourselves strategically so that we can capture all of the emotion and love without being obtrusive or getting in the way of guests observing the ceremony. 

We'll chat ahead of time about your plans for your ceremony so that we can be sure everything goes smoothly and all important moments are included in the photographic record.  

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Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour is a great opportunity to capture candids of your guests smiling, laughing, and having fun together.

This is also a great time to go around the room and gather guests for group photos of two to three people so that you have a record of your wonderful guests. 

Wedding Photography Detail from Whissahickon Valley Green Inn

The "Details"

A lot of thought goes into a wedding day, whether things you plan or maybe even a surprise or two planned for you. 

I like to take a few minutes during Cocktail Hour to sneak away and capture some detail photos of the Reception space. 

If we have two photographers, then I'll usually have my second photographer stay at Cocktail Hour to continue coverage. 




It's party time!! Whether a quiet dinner or a crowded dance floor, the Reception is when we like to capture you with your family and friends. 

This is often when toasts are made, first dances are danced, and the cake is cut. I like to be there to capture all of the traditions and moments you choose to honor at your wedding. 

Before coverage ends, it is nice to sneak away to do one final photograph of the bride and groom together. This image provides visual closure to the photographic narrative of the day.

Avi Loren Fox The Kiss Wedding Photography Gladwyne PA

After the Wedding

What a wonderful day! After the wedding, we back up all of the images to make sure that the files are safe in multiple locations. 

Next, I go through all of the deliverable photographs and begin the editing process of individually finishing each image in color or black and white.

I pay attention to things like exposure, white balance, contrast, etc. so that each image is flly finished and ready to print. Depending on the time of year and amount of coverage, this process can take anywhere from two to six weeks. 


Sneak Peak Wedding Photography Baltimore Maryland Avi Loren Fox

The Sneak Peak!  

"Six weeks!?! My guests and I can't wait that long!" 

Weddings are SO exciting and I like to do a sneak peak on my blog of some favorite images of the day to satisfy that post-wedding excitement while I finish the rest of the images. 

Your Sneak Peak will usually arrive within 1 week of the wedding. You'll receive an email with the public link to my blog post, and if you are on Facebook I'll also post it there and tag you. 

Your Online Gallery

Kick back with some ice cream or a glass of wine and get excited! Your photos are ready. 

We'll deliver the high-resolution images to you in a private online gallery with a custom link and password. This is when you'll download all of the images, and also share login info with family and friends so they can have access as well. 

The photographs are organized into folders like Ceremony, Reception, etc. to make it easy for you to view and find specific images. 

You have full copyright permissions for personal use, which means that you can share and print the images to your hearts content.   

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Albums & Prints

If you would like to work with me for albums and prints, I'd love to design a beautiful experience for you!

Boxes of Prints and Albums start at around $500. 

If you know you want albums from the start, we can build this into your initial contract. However, many couples choose to wait until after the wedding and I am fine with this as well.