The S Family: Holiday 2017

I caught up with the S Family just a few days before Christmas when the kids (and their kids!) were home for the holidays. We had beautiful weather which allowed us to hang outside in the yard, and also didn’t stop us from cozy time around the christmas tree reading books to the kids. I was honored to be there the first time these two little cousins met, and hope you enjoy this selection of some of my favorites from our session.

The G Family: Fall 2017

What a perfectly cozy late fall evening for a family photo session with the G Family! There were leaves decorating the ground and beautiful magic hour light as the kids played in the yard and laughed with glee on the swing set. This family is full of love, fun, and inspiration. Here are some of my favorites, including some with O in the santa hat at the very end! Thank you to the G family for having me as your photographer.

The SB Family: Fall 2017

Happy Autumn from Shortridge Park! It was a delight to spend time with this family of four among the fall foliage and beautiful natural light. Thank you to the SB family for having me as your photographer once again. Happy Fall.