Design Pro Devlopment

Design Pro Development is an innovative real estate company of Philadelphia, known for finding hidden gems in any neighborhood. As they prepare for a new website launch this summer, they called me in to do some new headshots. We consciously curated a bright atmosphere that offered varied backgrounds of painted white brick walls, lively plants, and lots of natural light. I had a great time getting to know each team member, and also snapping a few of the CEO and COO at the end. Many thanks to the Design Pro team for having me as your photographer! I can’t wait to see which ones you pick for your new website. Meanwhile, here is a sneak peak of some of my favorites!

Sardine Clothing Co & joeyfivecents

I met both Maryanne of Sardine Clothing Co and Susan of joeyfivecents at the Main Line’s awesome and infamous Clover Market. After doing some photographs of Susan’s jewelry on a recent trip to Quintana Roo, Mexico, we decided to plan another collaborative shoot with MaryAnne here in Pennsylvania. Mission? Imagery for website and social media that conveys the casual and crafty vibes of each of their brands. You may remember my “barn envy” from this post, and I have to say it was so much fun to get to visit Susan’s barn studio and do a photo shoot there. Thank you Maryanne and Susan for having me as your photographer! Here are some of my favorites from our session.

Susan Rifkin Jewlery: SS19

After photographing one of Susan Rifkin’s jewelry during a styled shoot in Mexico, I was so excited when she called me to produce a larger set of studio images for her website. Aside from product images on a white background, Susan also shared her inspiration for some styled flat lays that incorporated plant material to celebrate spring. It was so much fun picking out flowers at the Weaver’s Way Co-op and gathering plants from my plant-filled house to create this set-up for Susan’s jewelry. Here are a few favorites. Susan: thank you, once again, for having me as your photographer. I hope these serve you well!

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Tara Tayan.


Although VeganWear’s professional attire is designed for and marketed to men, word on the street is that there are a lot of women customers rockin’ these cruelty free accessories as well. So, I was excited for the opportunity to direct a styled shoot that showcased their designs in a woman’s world. Here are some favorites from our lifestyle shoot in Chestnut Hill, PA at Chestnut Hill Coffee Co.

Photography: Avi Loren Fox

Model: Tara Tayan

Tracy Tayan Designs

I recently received the opportunity to photograph Tracy Tayan Designs on a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Tracy is an absolute rockstar both on Etsy and in her own shop, and I was so excited to feature her beautiful sterling silver jewelry among the colorful and dreamy caribbean landscape. Products featured are Tracy’s new customized namesake necklace they made for me with my name “Avi” on it and their Beach Girl Starfish Anklet in sterling silver. Thank you Tracy, for having me as your photographer! I hope you enjoy this "sneak peak" of the photographs.

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Jason Allen Pemberton.

Other brands featured: Wild Mantle (red poncho), Tog Tees (photography tank top)


As a photographer, it was super fun to do a round of travel product photography for our new client Tog Tees, a Philadelphia made t-shirt brand producing product by photographers, for photographers. Aside from modeling their “Photography: Est. 1827” women’s tank top myself, I was able to coerce Jason into modeling their mens “Aperture Adventure” t-shirt. Their “Audiovisual” pin was also fun to capture around the resort. Thank you Tog Tees for being a part of our Travel Lifestyle Photography Co-Op in Mexico! Here is a sneak peak of some favorites.

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Jason Allen Pemberton

Other brands featured: Tracy Tayan (custom name necklace), West Oak Design (backpack), Wild Mantle (white poncho)

Susan Rifkin Jewelry

Thank you to Susan Rifkin Jewelry Designs for being a part of our 2019 Travel Lifestyle Photography Co-Op Styled Shoot in Mexico! It was so much fun to photograph this necklace from your new Spring 2019 collection in Mexico. The necklace catches the sunlight beautifully and was perfect for both sunrise on the beach and sunset at the resort. Here is a sneak peak of some of our favorites.

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Jason Allen Pemberton.

Other brands featured: Wild Mantle (pink poncho)

Sarah Cornwell Jewelry

Sarah Cornwell has always been an avid shell collector, and really a collector of anything from nature… gemstones, bird nests, bones. It is this love of nature that inspire her designs for Sarah Cornwell Jewelry. Knowing this, when Sarah joined by Travel Lifestyle Photography Co-Op Styled Shoot, I was extra excited to feature her designs among the dreamy natural environment that is Caribbean Mexico. The first few images were taken at Cenote Angelita, which is a natural sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that has filled with ancient crystal clear groundwater and rainwater over time. Some of the other images feature cliff rocks overlooking the coast of Tulum and a palm tree branch reminiscent of a miniature boat. And of course, the dreamy sunrise beach that decorates the entire coast of the Maya Riviera. Thank you to Sarah for having me as your photographer! I hope you enjoy this sneak peak of the images.

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Jason Allen Pemberton.

Other brands featured: West Oak Design (linen pocket top) and Wild Mantle (red poncho).

Millie Loves Lily for Zulily

Congratulations to local designers Deb & LeeAnn who recently developed Millie Loves Lily, a line of children’s bathing suits for Zulily. Although it’s the middle of winter here in Philadelphia, it was fun to be able to photograph one of their designs on the sunny coast of Caribbean Mexico during a recent trip. Deb and LeeAnn, thanks for having me do your product photography for this design! I hope you enjoy this sneak peak of the images and wish you continued success with your Zulily collection.

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox


Each time I’ve visited Mexico over the past five years, I always find myself re-inspired by the vibrant colors and textures. When leather jewelry brand Mekunia joined my travel lifestyle photography co-op, I knew photographing her colorful and bold pieces would be extra fun among the Caribbean landscape. Mag, the founder of Mekunia, hails from Poland and lived in Philadelphia for almost 30 years before moving to Collingswood, NJ. She uses primary leather remnants and lead/nickel free jewelry hardware. Her pink flower vine leather earrings were such a fun color pop, and the black leather earrings and cuff were so complimentary to both the bright and dreamy scenarios of sunrise and sunset alike. Thank you, Mag, for having me produce these images for you! I hope you enjoy this sneak peak.

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Jason Allen Pemberton

Other Brands featured: Emily Kiefer Jewels (necklace), West Oak Design (cotton woven duster & linen pocket top), Wild Mantle (white and pink ponchos)


One of my life long dreams is to have a barn-house studio surrounded by woods and fields. I’ve learned over the years that sometimes when your dreams are on their way to coming true, they show up in the lives of those surrounding you. So, when Susan Forker recently came into my world, I took it as a really good sign! Susan has a line of storied jewelry and accessories, joeyfivecents, which she operates out of a beautiful old civil war era BARN studio in Bucks County, PA. Knowing Susan's work form the local craft community and Instagram, I've totally had barn-envy from a distance for a while now. Naturally, I was thrilled when she sent two pieces on my travel lifestyle photography co-op styled shoot in Mexico. The name “joeyfivecents” comes from a funny, quirky and memorable scene in Annie Hall, which is so much fun. I love how her work is about telling a story and incorporates different media to do so. The vine earrings we photographed are repurposed vintage book pages sealed in resin with whitewashed brass stampings made from vintage molds, and the colossal pendant features a celestial theme repurposed from vintage dictionary illustrations. I like to think that in the story-book-land of our styled shoot, the celestial map on the colossal pendant was our guide for navigating the expansive starry night skies over the neverending Caribbean waters. Or, at least that's what I was imagining while we were taking the photographs ;) Thank you Susan for having me produce these images for you. Here is a sneak peak of a few favorites!

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Jason Allen Pemberton

Other brands featured: Wild Mantle (nova red poncho) and West Oak (blue and white cotton woven duster)

West Oak Designs

Thank you to West Oak Design for being a part of our Travel Lifestyle Photography Co-Op Styled Shoot in Maya Riviera Mexico! After photographing some of Christie's designs in the early winter landscape of Appalachia Virginia, it was fun to find inspiration for her work in the totally different color palate of Caribbean Mexico. I pretty much lived in the Cotton Woven Duster (pictured first) the whole time. The linen top with pockets very much satisfied that thunderous craving for large pockets that I think every woman has. And the backpack, which is a new design of Christie's (soon to be launched!) was super fun to capture with TogTees audiovisual pin during the morning sunrise on the beach. Christie, I hope you like this sneak peak!

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Jason Allen Pemberton

Other brands featured in order of appearance: Mekinia (pink leather earrings with white dress and cotton duster at resort) Emily Kiefer Jewels (necklace with white dress and cotton duster at resort), Joey Five Cents (necklace and earrings with cotton duster on beach), Carolyn Keys (earrings in backpack outfit), Tog Tees (audiovisual pin on backpack), Sarah Cornwell Jewelry (earrings, necklaces paired with linen boxy top on beach)

Carolyn Keys

It was a pleasure to photograph new client Carolyn Keys hand wrought jewelry among the natural environment of Caribbean Mexico. Carolyn’s ethos is about creating pieces that are made to last and thus rejects the culture of the disposable. Carolyn draws inspiration from natural forms and ancient art forms. The following imagery was mainly created amongst the natural coastal foliage and rockscape of the Yucatan Peninsula’s Caribbean coast. One image was taken slightly inland, 138 feet above the jungle atop Ixmoja, an ancient pyramid that is part of the Nochoch Mul group at Coba. Thank you, Carolyn, for having me produce these images for you. I hope you enjoy this sneak peak.

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Jason Allen Pemberton

Other brands featured: West Oak Designs (cotton woven duster and linen pocket top) and Wild Mantle (nova red poncho and mellow rose poncho)

Emily Keifer Jewels

I’ve gotten to know Emily Keifer over the years through Clover Market, a local craft fair we both participate in with our brands. Emily creates delicate and detailed fine jewelry for her brand Emily Keifer Fine Jewels, often with a celestial theme. When she submitted these three necklaces to the Travel Lifestyle Photography Collective in Mexico, I was thrilled because I knew they would photograph beautifully among the dreamy colors of the Caribbean coastline. Thank you Emily for having me produce these images for you! I hope they serve you well in conveying your lovely creations to the world.

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Jason Allen Pemberton

Other Brands Featured: Wild Mantle (poncho), West Oak (backpack)

Wild Mantle: Spring/Summer 2019

This is the fourth time Jason and I have returned to Quintana Roo to catch some sun in the winter and photograph my own brand Wild Mantle’s latest warm weather ponchos. Every time we go, I come home feeling like this was the best trip yet! These past travels were special because we brought a bunch of other local brands with us. We had the opportunity to feature local jewelry designers in our Wild Mantle photographs and also to create stand-alone product images for those brands. Here are some of the favorites from our trip featuring Wild Mantle’s Dreamer Light in Mellow Rose, Natural, and Nova Red.

Photographs by Jason Allen Pemberton and Avi Loren Fox.

Jewelry brands featured include Carolyn Keys, Susan Rifkin and Emily Keifer.

Yin Yoga & Self Care: Katy Kern

I am excited to share the photographs from part II of my midwinter photography session with Katy Kern! You may remember her from my last post, where we captured imagery to convey Katy’s incredibly skilled work as a massage therapist. This time we explored another aspect of what Katy offers her clients: yin yoga and self-care lessons. Here are some of my favorites from today. Thank you, Katy, for having me as your photographer! And, gratitude to tAra Yoga for allowing us to use your beautiful barn yoga studio in Chestnut Hill for the photo session.

Relaxation Specialist: Katy Kern

I caught up with Relaxation Specialist Katy Kern in her beautiful Narberth studio, out of which she offers massage therapy, thai-yoga, and self-care lessons. As someone who has personally benefited from Katy’s skilled bodywork, I was very excited for the opportunity to create a collection of photographs that not only communicates Katy’s range of modalities, but also her healing energy and the deep relaxation achieved through her work. Here are some of my favorites from our first (of a few!) photography session together. Katy, thank you for having me as your photographer! I hope you enjoy this sneak peak.

The Imaginal Marriage: Eleanor Stanford

Congratulations to Eleanor on the publication of her third book! Ellie, thank you for having me as your headshot photographer. It was fun to receive my copy in the mail and see the photo I took of you on the back. The book is beautiful.

If you haven’t heard of Ellie, you can check out her website and also find the Imaginal Marriage on Amazon. She also has a book published on Philadelphia’s Bartram’s Gardens which I can’t wait to check out…

The First Twenty: David Wurtzel

I like to think of Narberth as not only a small town, but also a hotbed of local thought leaders and changemakers. When David Wurtzel gave me a buzz because he needed new headshots, I was so happy to have an opportunity to catch up with one of the most inspiring trailblazers in town. A former firefighter and dedicated family man, Dave is now the Executive Director of The First Twenty, a nonprofit organization committed to improving the health of the American firefighter. In 2012, Dave launched the first ever national fitness and wellness program for firefighter health, safety and performance. Currently, The First Twenty serves thousands of firefighters from coast to coast, works with the United States Air Force and is the center of a few clinical trials. While the focus of my session with Dave was a new headshot, I was so inspired by the meaningful memories collected and individuality displayed in his office that I thought it worth capturing as well. Here is my favorite headshot, as well as some editorial shots I snapped on a tour of his workspace. Thanks, Dave, for having me as your photographer!