Lisa Silk, Licensed Addiction Therapist

Here is a sneak peak from Monday’s headshot session with my new client Lisa Silk and her team. While most new clients find out about me through word of mouth, Lisa straight up just google searched her way to me on the big internet, which I think is so cool. She said she looked at lots of photographer’s websites and that my photos were the ones she liked the best (can you see the huge smile on my face?) and so she reached out. Lisa is a Licensed Addiction Therapist & Substance Abuse Counselor with 3 Associates working with her. This summer Lisa is getting ready to not only launch a new website, but also open up new offices on Lancaster Avenue just across the street from Haverford College Pond (where we did our headshot session). I had a great time getting to know Lisa and her team, especially Jamie’s little girl Ryan who came along for the shoot and was so cute I couldn’t help but snap a few of her too! Thank you, Lisa, for having me as your photographer. Can’t wait to see the new website when it launches this summer, and I hope these photos help convey the warmth, compassion and skill that you and your team bring to the important work you do every day. Cheers!