The First Twenty: David Wurtzel

I like to think of Narberth as not only a small town, but also a hotbed of local thought leaders and changemakers. When David Wurtzel gave me a buzz because he needed new headshots, I was so happy to have an opportunity to catch up with one of the most inspiring trailblazers in town. A former firefighter and dedicated family man, Dave is now the Executive Director of The First Twenty, a nonprofit organization committed to improving the health of the American firefighter. In 2012, Dave launched the first ever national fitness and wellness program for firefighter health, safety and performance. Currently, The First Twenty serves thousands of firefighters from coast to coast, works with the United States Air Force and is the center of a few clinical trials. While the focus of my session with Dave was a new headshot, I was so inspired by the meaningful memories collected and individuality displayed in his office that I thought it worth capturing as well. Here is my favorite headshot, as well as some editorial shots I snapped on a tour of his workspace. Thanks, Dave, for having me as your photographer!