One of my life long dreams is to have a barn-house studio surrounded by woods and fields. I’ve learned over the years that sometimes when your dreams are on their way to coming true, they show up in the lives of those surrounding you. So, when Susan Forker recently came into my world, I took it as a really good sign! Susan has a line of storied jewelry and accessories, joeyfivecents, which she operates out of a beautiful old civil war era BARN studio in Bucks County, PA. Knowing Susan's work form the local craft community and Instagram, I've totally had barn-envy from a distance for a while now. Naturally, I was thrilled when she sent two pieces on my travel lifestyle photography co-op styled shoot in Mexico. The name “joeyfivecents” comes from a funny, quirky and memorable scene in Annie Hall, which is so much fun. I love how her work is about telling a story and incorporates different media to do so. The vine earrings we photographed are repurposed vintage book pages sealed in resin with whitewashed brass stampings made from vintage molds, and the colossal pendant features a celestial theme repurposed from vintage dictionary illustrations. I like to think that in the story-book-land of our styled shoot, the celestial map on the colossal pendant was our guide for navigating the expansive starry night skies over the neverending Caribbean waters. Or, at least that's what I was imagining while we were taking the photographs ;) Thank you Susan for having me produce these images for you. Here is a sneak peak of a few favorites!

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Jason Allen Pemberton

Other brands featured: Wild Mantle (nova red poncho) and West Oak (blue and white cotton woven duster)