Carolyn Keys

It was a pleasure to photograph new client Carolyn Keys hand wrought jewelry among the natural environment of Caribbean Mexico. Carolyn’s ethos is about creating pieces that are made to last and thus rejects the culture of the disposable. Carolyn draws inspiration from natural forms and ancient art forms. The following imagery was mainly created amongst the natural coastal foliage and rockscape of the Yucatan Peninsula’s Caribbean coast. One image was taken slightly inland, 138 feet above the jungle atop Ixmoja, an ancient pyramid that is part of the Nochoch Mul group at Coba. Thank you, Carolyn, for having me produce these images for you. I hope you enjoy this sneak peak.

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Jason Allen Pemberton

Other brands featured: West Oak Designs (cotton woven duster and linen pocket top) and Wild Mantle (nova red poncho and mellow rose poncho)