Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Photography

Mozel Tov!!! If you're reading this, you probably have a son or daughter preparing for their bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah.

I'd love to chat about being your photographer! Contact me here, or fill out my form below and read on for some more info about Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Photography. 

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The "Week Before" Bimah Photography Session

SYNAGOGUE PHOTOGRAPHS: Because photographs sometimes aren't permitted during the actual Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah ceremony, many families will plan a photo shoot the week before at synagogue to commemorate the ceremony. 

During this photo shoot, the Bar Mitzvah boy or Bat Mitzvah girl has a chance to rehearse with family and loved ones, giving the photographer an opportunity to create a beautiful set of imagery. 

FAMILY PORTRAITS: This can also be a great time for both formal and fun family portraits! Alternatively, these can be done before the Party as well.  

Party Coverage

Cocktail Hour: If you are planning on a cocktail hour, this is a great time for the photographer to capture candids of guests, and for "grab and grins" where we'll ask guests to stand together and smile. 

Traditions: Whether you are incorporating a candle lighting ceremony, the hora, a slideshow, toasts or first dances, we'll be sure to go over all notable events ahead of time so that we are ready to capture these moments. 

The Details: It's all in the details! Whether you are carefully planning table settings or throwing it together last minute, we like to snap some shots of the details that make the day unique. 

Dance Floor: If your party involves a dance floor, this is a really fun time to capture those epic shots of you and your guests celebrating this occasion and life in general. 

After the Big Day

What a fun celebration! After the party, we back up all of the images to make sure that the files are safe in multiple locations. 

Next, I go through all of the deliverable photographs and begin the editing process of individually finishing each image in color or black and white.

I pay attention to things like exposure, white balance, contrast, etc. so that each image is fully finished and ready to print. Depending on the time of year and amount of coverage, this process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. 

The Sneak Peak!  

"2 to 6 weeks!?! What if it's 6 weeks!?! My guests and I can't wait that long!" 

Weddings are SO exciting and I like to do a sneak peak on my blog of some favorite images of the day to satisfy that post-wedding excitement while I finish the rest of the images. 

Your Sneak Peak will usually arrive within 1 week of the wedding. You'll receive an email with the public link to my blog post, and if you are on Facebook I'll also post it there and tag you. 

Your Online Gallery

Kick back with some ice cream or a glass of wine and get excited! Your photos are ready. 

We'll deliver the high-resolution images to you in a private online gallery with a custom link and password. This is when you'll download all of the images, and also share login info with family and friends so they can have access as well. 

The photographs are organized into folders like Synagogue, Portraits, Party, Details etc. to make it easy for you to view and find specific images. 

You have full copyright permissions for personal use, which means that you can share and print the images to your hearts content.   


Albums & Prints

If you would like to work with me for albums and prints, I'd love to design a beautiful experience for you!

Boxes of Prints and Albums start at around $500. 

If you know you want albums from the start, we can build this into your initial contract. However, many couples choose to wait until after the wedding and I am fine with this as well. 

I'd love to chat about being your photographer!

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